About this site

The site runs on Wordpress, installed on a server in Montreal at Media-Hosts. The WordPress install was very simple through Media-Hosts own C-panel suite of apps. There is enough information available on line on how to install WordPress.

Once you have signed up with Media-hosts, you’ll get access to the client area.  Scroll down to to the Softaculous apps installer at the bottom. Take it from there. There are many other software packages available such as Joomla and Drupal.

Make sure you remove the default “wp’ in the field where Softaculous suggests you should install it if you want the content in your main domain (as in www.example.com). If you leave ‘wp’ and install it there, your website will be visible in www.example.com/WP and no one will type in WP behind your url. However, if you want to build your site first and then go live, installing it in the sub folder wp temporarily is a good idea.

Media-hosts is very competitively priced in Canadian dollars, with a price of CAD 3.33/USD 2.50/EUR 2.35 per month if you buy a two year contract.

New blog

If you don’t have a blog yet, start with buying a url (www.example.com) and space to host your site. Media-Hosts has options to do that on their site. Once you have paid for this (a URL is as low as 7 dollars a year now), you’ll get the info to access c-panel and once you are there, you can install WordPress (or other apps). From there, you either import previously written blogs or you start your very first blog.

Transfer blog

If you had a WordPress blog somewhere else, it is fairly easy to move your blog over by importing the XML files through the export – import plug-in in WordPress. Note that not everything gets moved. Your blog roll links aren’t copied (you can do that later, by following these steps), but your posts, pages, categories etc are.

I was confused about the media. Several websites say that the media doesn’t get copied, but it appears they do. Most support websites are not very clear on this. However, I did see in the backend that eventually all my photos had been copied over in different sizes no less. There is a little plug (Easy Add Thumbnail)  in to re-establish your feature photos as this is not copied to your new site. It works great.

Ready to take the plunge? Start with the Media-Hosts website.