Tuesday May 29, 2018 Lunch talk: Cycling Holidays in the Netherlands – Ottawa Public Library

I asked and they were happy to pose for a photo in Bloemendaal, Netherlands
I asked and they were happy to pose for a photo in Bloemendaal, Netherlands

Interested in cycling in the Netherlands? Next week Tuesday May 29, the Ottawa Public Library invited me to do a lunch talk at the downtown Main Library location about cycling holidays in the Netherlands. I will start at 12:15.

You probably know how it is: you want to travel to another country and you do your research. There is tons of info on the 10 things not to be missed, the 5 best museums, 7 great tours through city XYZ and 1001 parks you can watch the grass grow for free.

Figuring out cycling in the Netherlands details

But what they never really tell you is what life really costs there, how the way finding systems works, what to bring in terms of clothing, what to calculate for home cooked food, which grocery store to shop and how to figure out the trains.

Albert Heijn and HEMA

So along with great photos of my latest trip to the Netherlands, we’ll go over the practical things in the Netherlands. We will discuss the lay of the land, the prevailing winds, accomodation, rental bikes, boat and barge holidays, Albert Heijn and the Hema, ticket purchase at a train station, taking a bike on the train, some traffic rules for cycling, camping, the VVV-tourist office etc.

In the question and answer session, we will aim to address some specific questions, and if I can’t answer them, I will look them up for you later.

Registration (free)

Here is more information on, and where to sign up (free entrance) for the lunch talk.

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