August 23: North of Nightfall: Proceeds to Nunavut Foodbanks

Trailer capture "North of Nightfall"
Trailer capture "North of Nightfall"

Tomorrow, August 23, a special screening takes place at the new offices of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society in Ottawa at 50 Sussex Drive (next to Terrace at the Falls).

The Arctic Kingdom premiere of Red Bull Media House in association with Freeride Entertainment’s highly anticipated film, North of Nightfall! is tomorrow. Proceeds go to Nunavut foodbanks.

Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut

This Redbull Entertainment film follows free riders as they ride in one of the harshest, remote and most extreme environments on Earth: Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, a place you will likely never visit. What started as an epic adventure film turned into a more meaningful conversation on climate and the changes happening in the North.

I must admit I am not overly attracted to this type of cycling, I find it nearly too scary to watch, but I am not much of a  dare devil anyway. (I do cycle without a safety vest though)

Climate and the changes being experienced in the North

Screening this documentary is not only a chance to showcase amazing feats by free riders on some of the most extreme lines on Earth. It is also a start a conversation on climate and the changes being experienced in the North. It’s also a chance to give back and make a difference for the people who live in Canada’s Arctic, facing the real-life challenges of a harsh and ever-evolving environment. Find more information about the event here and how to sign up:

Article on the movie

If you want to read more, here is an article


Here is the trailer of North of Nightfall. Watch it if only for the phenomenal landscapes.

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