Upcoming Hans on the Bike Presentations in May 2019

Bicycles on Parliament Hill in Ottawa during the National Bike Day in 2017
Bicycles on Parliament Hill in Ottawa during the National Bike Day in 2017

As many people are getting back on their bikes now, I was asked to give two presentations by Jane’s Walk Ottawa and the Ottawa Public Library. Here is a short overview.

Presentation May 5, 2019: 3 pm “The Importance of a Bicycle Network”

Ottawa's cycling network

This first presentation is outside as part of Jane’s Walk in that weekend. We are meeting at Bruce Garner’s “Joy” sculpture at 65 Sparks Street next to Escape Bicycle Tours & Rentals. We’ll walk to O’Connor, then down to Laurier, along Laurier to City Hall. From City Hall we walk to Somerset and we will end the tour at Cork Town bridge.

Along the way, I will talk about the importance of a bicycle network, discuss different types of bike infrastructure and compare some numbers. We’ll make a few stops to point out what has changed in Ottawa over the last ten years and what is yet to come. Details at the Jane’s Walk website.

I am doing the walk by foot so that people without a bike can participate and learn about the many benefits of cycling.

When: Sunday May 5 at 3 pm

Presentation May 8, 2019: noon “Everyone Can Ride a Bike”

May 8 at noon: Ottawa Library Main Branch
May 8 at noon: Ottawa Library Main Branch

This presentation will take place at the auditorium of the Ottawa Public Library in downtown at noon. I was invited by the library to talk during bike to work month.

I am going to explore other ways to bike than your standard road or city bike. There are many developments in cycling design allowing more and more people who were not able to bike before to start or continue to cycle.

This presentation also looks on how to get newcomers to bicycle friendly countries on a bike with the purpose of better social integration. It will have more video than usual and less talk by me. Details on the Library website.

Hope to see you out there.


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