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I write about cycling in Ottawa since around 2011. A lot has changed since that time. We have new paths, new bridges, new signs and new cyclists.

Most of my writing is about advocacy for infrastructure, because research worldwide shows that people want to feel safe before they chose to bike or send their kids out on the bike.

Education alone will not get more people out. I cycle for nearly 50 years now, and I still don’t like to hear 18 wheelers coming up from behind me, knowing they’ll pass me within 60 cm (2 feet). I am always thinking:” what if  I lose my balance now” (my pedal did broke off once, also a tire exploded once).

I spoke across Canada about cycling. From Vancouver for the CAA to Halifax for an AGM of provincial planners. Over the years, I widened my horizon and  read about urbanisation, intensification, public transport, community building city budgets and political process. That covers most of my writing now.

I am fortunate to have lived in the Netherlands for 35 years so I can draw comparisons and find solutions that are still hotly debated in North America but are already old hat in the Netherlands.

Recently, I moved the content from Urbancommuter.wordpress.com to this site (HansontheBike.wordpress.com) to align with other forms of my communication.

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