Ontario’s “Je ne sais quoi” Draft Cycling Strategy – part 1

December 7, 2012 Hansonthebike 5

After increased pressure from NDP Urban Transit critic Rosario Marchese and more recently Davenport NDP MPP and GTA issues critic Jonah Schein, Ontario Minister of Transportation Bob Chiarelli announced a draft bicycle strategy for Ontario and asks everyone for input. Finally, after earlier promises in August 2012 that he’d come with major announcements in weeks. This, after a city councillor [Read more…]

Narrow Streets, Creative Minds

When I speak to audiences in Canada I often hear that our cities are not built for bicycles. When Mayor Mayor Mark Gerritsen of Kingston, ON, a city that aims to be the greenest city in Canada eventually, introduced me and mentioned  that “we have to remember that Kingston is an old city with narrow streets“, I had a chuckle. [Read more…]

Life in Lansdowne Land

Since I am the only one left in Ottawa who has not given an opinion on Lansdowne, I thought I’ll give a few comments on the clip that is produced. At first glance, the new Cannon Design Lansdowne proposal looks really nice. A bit too nice perhaps? In general, I think the space is well used, but the clip below [Read more…]