Life in Lansdowne Land

Since I am the only one left in Ottawa who has not given an opinion on Lansdowne, I thought I’ll give a few comments on the clip that is produced. At first glance, the new Cannon Design Lansdowne proposal looks really nice. A bit too nice perhaps? In general, I think the space is well used, but the clip below [Read more…]

Ottawa Moves – part 3/3 – Ken Greenberg

Ken Greenberg, Urban Design consultant, who is working on the plans for Bank Street, south of Billings Bridge, spoke in the evening of November 3. Ken started the evening with a video I had never seen before and is worth watching. The animation video from 1958 called Magic Highway USA shows a fantastic conceptual idea by Disney -with somewhat naive optimism- of how [Read more…]


Experimental Farm

Only 5 (as in: five) km from Parliament Hill, you can cycle through the country side. It is not that Ottawa is that small, but it is called the Experimental Farm. Established a long time ago, the city has developed around the Farm, and now the Farm has heritage designation. Some excellent roads, very little in use by cars, allow [Read more…]