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    New Billings Bridge Underpass Partly Avoids Dangerous Intersection

    For many years the Bank Street – Riverside intersection in Ottawa was (and still is) considered one of the worst intersections, with many collisions happening annually. It is an ugly part of post war suburban design with way too much road. The entire area between the railway track and the Rideau River is unsightly and dangerous for all road users. [Read more…]

  • How I turned our Jacuzzi into a Garden Bench

    After we bought the house, we were going to remove the outdated Jacuzzi. 17 years later we finally came into action. The scrapwood was used for a modest garden bench. Now that’s upcycling.

  • Karen at the Otonabee River

    A Peterborough Cycling Tour

    We stopped in Peterborough for a visit to its bike paths. Having cobbled together a 45 km tour we were pleased with the outcome.

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New MUP along downtown Confederation Line LRT

August 15, 2019 6

Ottawa got a bonus multi use pathway when the LRT was built. Today we take a look at a MUP between Ottawa U station and Hurdman Station. While we are there we continue to the VIA Rail station which is only 1.5 km further.

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