Bicycle Street in Utrecht, Netherlands in front of the Gerrit Rietveld huis. Note that the bike street still has a refuge too.

Bicycle Streets: A Next Step for Ottawa?

July 25, 2017 Hansonthebike 3

As Ottawa sees the number of residents who bike increase, it is time to improve our existing infrastructure. The NCC pathways, built in the seventies, are becoming overcrowded by commuters, tourists and utilitarians alike and therefore the federal agency is planning to widen the paths likely starting with the ones that were flooded this spring. To give you an idea [Read more…]

National Peacekeeping monument. where the three routes meet in downtown Ottawa

Provincial Cycling Network: a Bucket of Paint for the Ottawa Region?

April 18, 2017 Hansonthebike 4

Last week at the Ontario Bike Summit, the Ontario Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport and the Minister of Transportation announced the next step in developing an Ontario cycling network. The focus is very much on long distance tourism cycling in the province. The province is planning to fund part of the network from the carbon auction that generated hundreds of millions of [Read more…]

A Closer Look at the Bronson Improvements

September 20, 2016 Hansonthebike 3

The city got a lot of flak for the Booth Bridge Boondoggle and rightly so, as the design goes against all the modern road design principles. Big intersections, 4 lanes, no bike infrastructure, despite the connection to Quebec, the Zibi developments, the future Senators stadium and the Ottawa river pathways, even though there have been dire warnings from different sides years [Read more…]

8 Bike Infrastructure Improvements in Ottawa

April 28, 2016 Hansonthebike 0

Since 2011, when Laurier Ave got segregated bike lanes, many other infrastructure projects were built in Ottawa. You may have seen a few of my images in Janette Sadik-Khan’s presentation last night (I couldn’t be there myself, but I heard there were about over 1000 people). If she didn’t use them or if you weren’t able to go, here are a [Read more…]