Planned Protected Cycling Infrastructure in Ottawa

Below is an Ottawa map maintained by Ottawa’s Patrick McKay showing protected cycling infrastructure projects planned for the (near) future as well as existing protected cycling infrastructure in Ottawa.

Where is protected bicycle infrastructure planned in Ottawa?

Some is coming in the next several years, other projects are a bit further out and some are in the ‘thinking about a feasibility study” phase.

Patrick based this latest map on the updated draft Ottawa Transportation Masterplan Part 1 that was released on March 10, 2023.

The legend should be on the map, but it doesn’t always appear in the embedded view.

For the full monty, click here to see Patrick’s site. In the short term, the magenta and yellow colours are important.

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Protected Intersections in Ottawa

Interested in protected intersections in Ottawa? Then here is a map by Rob Shudra with the dozens of current and planned protected intersections.

Green is realised. Red is planned. note the string of 11 on Bank Street. Work starting in 2023

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