PedalEasy Opens Storefront in Ottawa’s Bell’s Corners

June 24, 2016 Hansonthebike 2

Last week, I finally dropped in at PedalEasy, our own homegrown pedal assist e-bike manufacturer. PedalEasy started five years ago when co-founder Ron Wensel wanted to do more cycling after he survived a heart attack. Ron, a modest man who lives in Deep River, is a mechanical engineer who knows a thing or two about speed and energy. He served [Read more…]

Working towards Ottawa's Cycling Ecosystem

June 17, 2016 Hansonthebike 1

When advocating for cycling, I have always envisioned more than just safe bike infrastructure. I think Ottawa has the potential to grow into a leading North American city for cycling. But that requires more than a high bike modal share and a high number of kilometers of bike lanes. It requires an ecosystem of governments, companies, consumers and academics who [Read more…]