Experimental Farm & Ottawa River

One of Ottawa’s most beloved routes is this 32 km loop which is entirely on separate pathways and a bit of farm lane. I have no hand drawn map of it yet, so you’ll have to do with this screen shot for now.

This loop is very popular among Ottawa’s residents. The route is nearly all on pathways, except a few kilometers on super quite lanes on the Experimental Farm (the lanes are closed for motorised traffic in the weekends). You’ll be cycling along the Rideau Canal, through the Arboretum, continue on the Farm where you could consider a short detour to the north end to visit the Agricultural museum, which is very kids oriented with often special activities. From there, you follow a long path called the Experimental Farm pathway, eventually arriving on at the Ottawa River pathway. this pathway along the river gets you back downtown eventually.

Note: a short stretch behind Parliament Hill is closed until the Fall of 2024. You could consider crossing the river at the Chief William Commanda bridge towards Quebec, turn right and follow the river in Gatineau and come back to Ottawa via the Alexandra bridge following the separate bike lanes along the canal.

Download the farm and river GPX file: download

Farm and River GPX file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HUV5YEi4n82xJIm70Mai3P2wnCZE7SrZ?usp=drive_link