West End Trees and ‘Cottage Country’

We cycle this route at least once a year, because it is basically all pathways. We have to add another 12 km to the tour because we live a bit away from this route, but it has its rewards. It is the perfect stop halfway at a beach and/or a coffee and ice cream shop. There are three future (2026) LRT stops along this route, Iris being the most convenient one as the path runs closest to it.

Part of Ottawa lies inside a greenbelt. This 18 km tour stays in the west end of the area inside the greenbelt. It is a tour that brings you to Bruce Pit, a patch of nature with stands of pine trees, that were partly knocked over by a Derecho (a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm that is associated with a fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms – Wikipedia).

Going further north, you will be passing a hospital, cycling on an old railway route along the Ottawa river and a former cottage area called Britannia Bay with a beach. Stop for a (vegan – delicious) ice cream or coffee at Beechconers ( a play on words). You’ll continue your route and eventually turn south towards Algonquin College. The area around Lincoln Fields is a mess due to LRt construction, but the pathways are maintained. However, directions are a bit hard to figure out so you may want to download the GPX file. Careful when crossing the several on and off ramps in the area. There might be some temporary detours for construction until 2026.

Download the GPX file here: download

West End Trees at Bruce Pit GPX file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HueReXWxXLqDhRTkqePJdCMhPLvdCcUJ?usp=drive_link