The Mystery of the Scenic Orange Road Barrel

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We’re obsessed with safety. We make big orange road barrels to mark an upcoming danger to make sure no accidents happen. However, if someone calls in for a large dangerous pothole, you’d think road crews just go to Tim Hortons, have a smoke, stare to the pothole and eventually fill the hole. No such thing: the city or the NCC sends out the truck with orange paint, steel plates and/or orange road barrels visits the site to mark the appropriate spot as dangerous.

About three weeks ago, in the last week of April, someone went out to put a road barrel on a really big pothole, right in the middle of the NCC Scenic Parkway, through the farm.

A scenic barrel was put out around April 27th, 2011

After a week and a half, standing on guard for thee, around May 8th, the scenic barrel was eventually run over and dislodged from its base.

The scenic barrel was ripped apart and ended up in the gutter (see far end) around May 8th.

A week later, on Friday May 13th, the scenic barrel had disappeared. The barrel was nowhere to be found anymore, the base is still laying around, the hole is still there and the dangerous conditions have increased. A classic example of safety regulations missing their purpose. All it would have taken was a few scoops of asphalt.

Update: May 16th, pothole is filled a day after this post (although I doubt Marie LeMay is reading my posts…..)

Barrel is gone, pothole still there: May 13th.

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