A Balancing Act Along the Ottawa River

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Just when you figured out that cycling is really a weird balancing act (technically as well as politically), you discover that other people are in the act of balancing too. So we cycled out to Remic Rapids last weekend to watch the International Stone Balancing Festival. Calling it a festival was probably a bit of a stretch, but balancing it is for sure.

Says the website of the of the Balanced Art World International in its manifesto:

– We consider the practice to place stones in balance an artistic expression;
– We choose mainly natural environments, accompanied by silence as exclusive perception of environmental sounds, to create our ephemeral works, performed with different techniques, but all based on precarious balance of more overlapping stones. Wood or other found objects in the environment can corroborate with the stones, in harmony with the inspiration from the site; More…

It sure allows for great pictures. This was one of those events where I really wished I had a nice camera. We cycled to Westboro Beach first, bought an ice cream at Moe’s at the funny concrete structures, hung out for about half an hour and then cycled eastbound along the bike paths along the John A. Mac.

The spot is just west of down town Ottawa along the Ottawa (Kichisippi) river.

For the record, no glue or cement was used. I bet the balanced stones are still out there, despite the fact that the festival is over.

Always wanted to try stone balancing? See bowiint.com to find like minded stone balancers.

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