Seven fun mistakes in signs

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I am the last one who claims my English is great. It is not my mother tongue. Spell checkers help a lot, but I tend to mix in Dutch grammar sometimes. You will often see Dutch people confusing ‘learn’ and ‘teach’ or ‘borrow’ and lend’ as the Dutch use one word for it.


Prepositions are always a challenge. Is is ‘on’ or ‘at’? Where does it go in the sentence?  And it is ‘to mix in the ingredients’ and not ‘ to mix the ingredients in’. Why is is it big- bigger, but not handsome – handsomer? I still say  ‘to make a photo’ instead of ‘to take a photo’, much to Alex the Puffins delight. Therefore, I always ask fellow board members to proof read the more official texts I am writing. This blog? Well, I take the risk.  Sometimes people do point out mistakes in the comment section though.

But spelling mistakes should be less of a problem, with the current sophisticated spell checkers. However, they are still being made, as you can see on the seven images below. By respectable organisations such as ViaRail, Loblaws, the CBC.

Strangely, I have this odd ‘gift’ that I see a spelling mistake popping out immediately, even the hard to find ViaRail one. But I easily miss my own typos. I assume that that is besuece you epxcet a ceriatn wrod to floolw and yuor mnid adrealy flils it in.

Can you see the 7 mistakes in the signs below?

caught this one above a urinal in a pub.
Caught this one above a urinal in a pub. Carel won’t be happy.
Always difficult verb.
Always a difficult verb and noun
Outside the ViaRail station in Ottawa.
Outside the ViaRail station in Ottawa.
It is a long word, but saving one character doesn't make a difference.
It is a long word, but saving one character doesn’t make a difference.
That possessive 's' again.
That possessive ‘s’ again.
Walk In owns Welcome
Walk In owns Welcome.
a very halowed eve
No Ian, it doesn’t come from Halogen.


  1. That is so true. But that is not only a Dutch guy problem, it happens to me too – but then I am Dutch as well. Maybe you have a point.

    Bob Krul

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