Photo Essay: A Hike in Gatineau Park

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I thought of it too late. I should have brought a camera to add a whole bunch of photos to Mapillary so that you can check out the paths in Gatineau Park from photos. This Thanksgiving weekend, Karen and I walked the Blanchet Trail, better known as the Wolf Trail in Gatineau Park, just north of Ottawa in Quebec Province.

Here are photos of our 9 kilometer walk (2:30h), off Meech Lake, Quebec on October 8. The colours just started to change. It was warm, around 20 degrees and quite humid so we went early, around 9:30 am. On the way back though we noticed that the smaller parking lots were full, while the enormous O’Brian Beach lot had some space left.

Smith Falls Water Tower

Sitting at the Tawamina looked out we wondered what that tiny dot at the horizon was. Based on our Apple IPhone compass and GPS coordinates combined with Strava’s altitude layers, we figured it must be the water tower in Smith Falls, about 70 km away. Next time we need to bring Karen’s new binoculars.

The Blanchet Trail as captured by Strava on Openstreetmaps
The Blanchet Trail as captured by Strava on Openstreetmaps


Here is a link to some more info on the hike and where to stop for a coffee or a bite.

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