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Unfortunately, I am not a student anymore, else I would have considered a new trip app, built right here in Ottawa. Rideshark (based on Merivale Rd) built an app, geared to college and university students, called GobyRide.

“It offers an open system allowing users to create an account to easily find drivers or passengers headed in the same direction they plan to travel. Users are also able to easily integrate their own social media accounts to provide a richer and more expansive overall experience”

Press release

I must admit I have never used ride sharing services myself. I don’t use Lyft or Uber, nor did I ever go to Montreal or Toronto by sharing a ride (and the cost).

Old habits die hard

I tend to use a taxi twice a year (reluctantly), the bus, VIARail, the bike and the car. My plane use is down to once a year to Europe, that’s about it.

In my younger years I hitchhiked through New Zealand but those days are over, albeit not for everyone:

JP got a ride in no time to Gatineau Park from King Edward and a ride back from Asticou to Westboro. It must have been his hat.

But this might change, even for me when services start to be integrated better. In my own case, the Baseline bus rapid corridor, connecting to the Trillium Line, connecting to the airport might likely become a mode I’d consider, rather than a $35 taxi for 12 km and $35 to return home.

I can also see the app being useful to get to hard to reach places like Gatineau Park, such as Lac Philippe.

Everybody cheer on the side of the highway

Unified Mobility

Rideshare is no stranger to commuter solutions: the company is around for 15 years already. Owners Sharon and Tom, who I know for many years already as very dedicated, hard working Canadians, market the company products as ‘seamless, integrated transportation options and services”. According to Rideshark, “we are at a time where technology provides the foundation of when, where and how we travel. Today, we can connect anywhere with our mobile devices. In the future, unified mobility will include autonomous vehicles“.

Unified mobility? That sounds like Mobility as a Service (Maas). But says Rideshark, “MaaS has never described the experience the user is seeking, but rather the technical product“. Rideshark is building the integration of all those services in one platform, and GobyRide is part of it. Hence ‘unified’ in ‘unified mobility’.

Ride cost are set

What sets GobyRide apart from other carpooling applications is that all ride costs associated with a given trip are set and shared between drivers and passengers.

Livemap and in-app payment

Another cool feature is the Livemap: it enables users to track and share their trip, in real time. That sounds interesting, especially when you are waiting in -30C and you can check where the heck your buddy is.

Another feature is the in-app payment option (powered by Stripe) and real time communication for drivers and passengers through custom design GobyRide messaging software. This offers optimal functionality and peace of mind (transactions are privacy protected). Expect more app upgrades in 2019.

Here is a short introduction:

GobyRIDE is a FREE app that is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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