How I turned our Jacuzzi into a Garden Bench

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Or: How Parks Canada inspired me to get rid of that brothel

When we bought our house way back when, it came with a purple-ish jacuzzi, the type that hardly produces anything else than lots of noise. Also, the water cooled down really fast. It was built in in a den like room. It was likely the dream of one of the previous home owners. The walls were painted ‘bordeau’ and even the blinds had a touch of the jacuzzi’s colour in them. The room looked somewhere between a road side brothel and a clairvoyant’s room.

The room as it looked liked before we bought the house
The room as it looked liked before (!) we bought the house


When the house went up for sale, the real estate agent had placed a bottle of Champagne and two glasses on the pink carpeted edge of the tub. The room itself is fairly big, about 10 x 25 feet: a considerable space in a 1400 ft2 house. That Champagne didn’t sell us on the house, but one needed quite a bit of imagination to see through this room.

We painted the walls, but left the Jacuzzi “to be removed soon”


17 years later, I finally found time to dismantle the thing. I figured if it had come into the house, it could go out in one piece. One day, I stripped off the pink carpet, dismantled the edge around the tub, disconnected the hard wired pump and soon the tub was sitting in the middle of the room.

A friend helped carrying it up the stairs and into the back yard. For a moment I thought we could use it as an outdoor pool, but the thought of maintaining more stuff made me reconsider that quickly.

Now what….
It looked like a spaceship in the backyard

Cut ‘r up

I used our contractor’s reciprocating saw to cut the tub in 5 pieces, but would the garbage pick up take it? I put everything out at the curb on garbage day: an hour later all was gone.

Cut in four like it was an apple
Waiting for the garbage pick up

Anouk has plumbing skills and helped cutting and closing the water supply so I could hide it behind the wall. Then we went to Alexanian for a bit of leftover beige carpet. I drywalled parts of the wall and used half a bucket of drywall mud to smooth everything out again.

Parks Canada

Creative with scrap wood

Meanwhile I had been admiring the Parks Canada benches at Hartwell’s Locks, simple and sturdy and not too difficult to replicate. I had some wood left from the box the Jacuzzi was built into. I always demolish carefully, and try to reuse wood if possible. With a bit of planning I was able to cut all the parts for the bench from the tub’s wood.

Multi use bench

Using leftover paint from the screened in porch, I gave it a few coats of paint and now it serves several purposes: bench, side table, work bench, Ottoman. I made one design error, the legs are set too far in, so if you sit on the edge, unless you are our cat, the bench tips.

Beaufort enjoying his bench

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  1. Add a horizontal “foot” to each bench leg tapered down at a bit of an angle to reduce stubbing your toes. Like a gym bench. One solution anyway.

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