Spring into Active Parkways 2024

Kids today, cycling commuters tomorrow. She may never even own a car, considering the cost of fuel. Young urban people in the US choose more and more to forego a car and travel by public transport and bike instead.
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If you feel like hanging out with some other cyclists you haven’t met for a long time or if you feel like enjoying a short group ride with other casual people with kids, dogs or a chameleon (I saw a person once with a chameleon on his back, I believe in Montreal), here is a casual ride everyone is invited to join to celebrate the weekend closures of several parkways for motorized traffic by the National Capital Commission.

There are different starting locations, depending on what you would like to do. See the poster. For more information, email info@parkwaysforpeople.ca

And here is the French version:

Cycling in a group is slow, so be prepared it will take some time. By the way, it is also a great opportunity to check out cargo bikes and e-bikes and discussing them with their owners. and after the ride (or perhaps before) you should check out the tulips along the canal and Dow’s Lake/ Commisioners Park. Many of them are blooming according to the NCC.

I hope to see you out there tomorrow May 11 too. The weather looks descent, with the rain only arriving in the afternoon. for more info on the opening times of the several parkways, look here.

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