Looking for some social, local cycling events this weekend?

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As spring slowly moves towards summer, more social local cycling events are being held. Here are a few flyers people sent me:

June 1: World Bicycle Day

I don’t really keep track of World Bicycle Day, as every day is a world bicycle day for me, but the NCC and several embassies got together and organised a ride to Vincent Massey Park. Details in the poster:

Also on June 1: Vanier

I visited the event many years ago, and it is still going strong. A joy to see the little ones on bikes:

June: Let’s Bike Ottawa

On Saturday June 1, you can start counting your kilometers for a whole month for Let’s Bike Ottawa, formerly known as Bike to Work month. If you want to be part of team but you don’t have one, for the first time I set up a team (consisting of myself currently 🤔):


Last year, over 5000 participants in 294 teams logged 282.500 KM (Remember, “nobody bikes in Ottawa, this is a winter city“).

June 9: Cargo bikes and Motherload, the movie

If you like to see what cargo bikes are all about and you feel like a movie, then June 9 is your chance to tick this off your list. It is not even that long ago that I knew all three cargo bike owners in Ottawa.

And of course, there is Open Doors Ottawa this weekend too. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I tried to sign up as a team member for lets bike month but after 5 tries with various passwords the form didn’t like they then said that my email address had been used. So now I am registered but don’t have a clue which password the form accepted

    • I suggest you go to the lets bike home page, fill out your email address and click on ‘I forgot my password”. You will get an email with instructions how to reset your password.

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