Dutch Design in the Nation's Capital: Churchill Ave, Ottawa

November 4, 2014 Hansonthebike 24

Reading Time: 5 minutes It must have been around 2010 when Joel Mulligan mulled over a beer at Pub Italia: “if we could only have a bit of Dutch bike infrastructure in Ottawa, so that people can experience what safe cycling is really about“. Few people around the table could envision that four years later, Churchill would be that ‘bit of Dutch bike infrastructure’. And not just five meters, but an entire avenue. Fifties design nearly put back in again For those who don’t know Churchill Ave, it was an old style 50’s era wide road, with some parking on both sides; a connector [Read more…]

Can you Bike, Skate and Walk to Work on Winter Bike to Work day?

February 5, 2014 Hansonthebike 0

Reading Time: 5 minutes Next week, February 14, 2014  is Winter Bike to Work Day. It is a day to celebrate winter cycling worldwide. Winter cycling is easier said than done as cycling in winter requires some preparation. If you haven’t biked in winter -and I mean serious winter, as in -20C to -30C (-4to -22F) sans wind chill, not those -2C Copenhagen ‘winters‘ extended autumns, you are likely thinking that winter cycling is a crazy thing to do. Not really. But you need a well equipped bike, a few extra layers of clothes and serious maintenance on your bike. It is not the [Read more…]

Ottawa's 2013 Annual Plaid Parade Recap (with pics)

October 27, 2013 Hansonthebike 0

Reading Time: 5 minutes Despite a cool Sunday (5C or 41F), about 150 people or so came out to cycle in the second annual Ottawa Plaid Parade. This year we started at the City Centre’s Art-is-in Bakery. Not a great back drop for photography, but lots of space to get together before the start. The tour followed the O-train pathway, connected with the Ottawa River Pathway and then turned south near the stacked stones in the Ottawa River. We then  made our way back through Tunney’s Pasture and then turned east towards the Carleton Tavern on Parkdale. The ride ended a bit abrupt on [Read more…]

Ciclovia, Ottawa Style Since 1970

August 13, 2013 Hansonthebike 0

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since 1970 Ottawa (or more precise, the National Capital Region) organises Ciclovias. The name Ciclovia was invented later, and originates in South America. Ottawa simply calls it Sunday Bikedays. A number of Canadian cities followed around 2011, so Ottawa really set the standard for Canada a long time ago. The NCC organises about 13 Ciclovias a year, between Victoria Day (late May) until Labour Day (early September). The principle is the same: close a bunch of roads for motorised traffic and allow people to cycle for a few hours. While ideally people cycle every day, many people prefer to cycle [Read more…]

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Crowd Sourcing the Ottawa Cycling Map

July 3, 2013 Hansonthebike 4

Reading Time: 2 minutes After the long weekend it is now back to work for bike advocacy. The City of Ottawa maintains a map with different layers on line. The existing cycling facilities layer was recently updated – and can now be viewed on GeoOttawa- this is publicly accessible information. Please take some time to look over whatever part of the city you are most familiar with- and send in any changes to Melody (Melody.Andrews@ottawa.ca)  by email. If your suggestion is complicated- please include a screen shot. Remember the map should show what’s out there today—for example the O-Train pathway is on the map since it [Read more…]

Advocacy at Work: Changing a Sign in Favour of Cyclists

May 14, 2013 Hansonthebike 3

Reading Time: 4 minutes I have been advocating for better access to the Experimental Farm. It took nearly two years before I finally got a chance to talk to some one. Initially, I just rang the door bell at one of the administrative buildings. You have to start somewhere and I am not a big fan of firing off emails. The lady who opened the door referred me to some internal call centre guy who never called me back, after several phone calls from me. It didn’t go anywhere, as expected in the bureaucracy. Central Experimental Farm Advisory Council Eventually, I had a chance [Read more…]