New Pathways on LeBreton Flats in Ottawa

December 9, 2021 Hansonthebike 6

Reading Time: 6 minutes The National Capital Commission opened two new multi use pathways on Lebreton flats. The NCC introduced a stretch of 4 meter (12 ft) wide pathways and part of the pathways has a separation between cycling and walking. You’ll be cycling, walking or skiing (indeed, skiing) along LRT, a heritage aqueduct and historic bridges. Taking LRT to the Kichi Sibi ski trails is now easier than ever.

Google capture of the current intersection at Bronson and University.

A bad design for a bad intersection

April 22, 2020 Hansonthebike 3

Reading Time: 3 minutes New Hans Post: Bad design for a bad intersection. Carleton U is getting an extra left turning lane onto Bronson NB. The plan is to add green paint to bike wash the intersection. It is not a good idea.

Heron pathways

Heron Road Bike Infrastructure at Transitway

November 30, 2017 Hansonthebike 4

Reading Time: 4 minutes This week, I was at an open house for new bike infrastructure on Heron, between Bank and Data Centre Road. At that stretch, Heron is a wide arterial with 60 kph speed limits but where it is easy to roll at least 70 kph. It is a spaghetti of roads and railway tracks in that area, and after 19 years in Ottawa I still have a hard time to orient myself if I don’t drive on Heron Rd. There is LRT, VIARail, the Transitway, Heron Rd and the Airport Parkway/Bronson and its on and off ramps. Data centre road winds [Read more…]

Open: Ottawa River Pathway Behind Parliament Hill

November 21, 2017 Hansonthebike 0

Reading Time: 5 minutes 2024 update: the pathway is closed. It should open again in the Fall. There is work being done near the Supreme Court. There is a cliff where some rock came down several years ago. This is being worked on. More here: Just before the first snow came down in the weekend of November 18-19 I thought I’d go for a bike ride to check out the repaired Ottawa River multi use pathway behind Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court. Shoreline and pathway washed out As you remember, the path was closed since the heavy rain in spring and had [Read more…]

Car blocking side walk dresses at Summit

Transportation Equity Summit – Ottawa

September 20, 2017 Hansonthebike 3

Reading Time: 2 minutes This Friday, September 22, I am speaking about cycling advocacy at City Hall. Not to the mayor, not to Transportation Committee but at the Transportation Equity Summit put on by the Healthy Transportation Coalition and Envirocentre. The summit starts at 8 am with beverages and snacks and lasts until around 3:30 pm with a number of speakers from Ottawa and two speakers from Portland and Toronto. The entrance is $30 but if you can’t afford it, there are special arrangements possible. Affordable and Accessible Transportation for All One of the issues is that residents with a low income might need [Read more…]

Suntech Greenhouses - Food

Just Food Ottawa Bike Tour

September 19, 2017 Hansonthebike 0

Reading Time: < 1 minute I enjoy cycling and I like food, especially when it is local and seasonal. Combined, it makes for a nice day out on September 24, 2017 with Just Food Ottawa. You may not have heard of Just Food Ottawa, but in short, they “work towards vibrant, just and sustainable food and farming systems in the Ottawa region“. A few years ago I did a very interesting bike tour along a number of community gardens with Just Food Ottawa (and missed the one just last week as I only read about it the day after). Another Just Food bike ride is [Read more…]

Dutch style intersection with separate bike tracks in green

Dutch Style Intersections at Dynes Road

April 13, 2017 Hansonthebike 5

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dynes Road will get a make over as there is sewer work to be done. Much of the¬†cycling infrastructure is usually put in place when the sewers have to be replaced. Main Street was an example of that. The road is open anyway, so this is a good reason to rebuild the street and these cost don’t eat into the cycling budget. So essentially we’ll get free Dutch style intersections. The residents at Dynes complained about speeding and part of the reason is that the road is very wide. (Mind you, it is drivers who speed, not roads). The part [Read more…]