When are the NCC bikedays? Everything in 1 handy cycling planner

The NCC Bikedays has opened several parkways earlier than usual due to COVID-19. On top of that, they are open more often. This year, the Bike Sundays are renamed to Bike Weekends. This is a welcome addition to the already at times crowded shared pathways.

Colonel By will be closed to cars for a few months too during bikedays but not at the same time as QED and at different times of the day: the Queen Elizabeth driveway will be closed for cars daily in May and June, Colonel By from July to early September. However, some roads are closed 8-8 while the QED is closed for cars from 9-5 but not in May and June when they are also open from 8-8 for Active Transportation only.


So are we. Therefore we collected the various openings (closures?) in one handy table including location and distance. 

Here is a PDF that you can stick to your fridge with the table and the Meech Road closure explained:

Table with opening times for Active Transportation

or simply save the image above to your drive. Note that part of Meech Road will be closed and traffic rerouted to the northern loop of the Gatineau Parkway in order for residents to get to their homes and cottages on Meech Lake.

If you need a fridge magnet in the appropriate theme style, order them here on Etsy: blue bike fridge magnet (No commission for me)

Enjoy the 2021 Bike weekend and weekday season. Remember, there is more than just the parkways. Ottawa – Gatineau has an extensive network of safe cycling paths, called multi use pathways all over the region. Check out this page for a great subway style image of our network.

subway style cycling map
A subway style bike network map as discussed on the CBC by Hans on the Bike


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