When are the NCC bikedays? Everything in 1 handy cycling planner

(September 13, 2021 update)

The NCC Bikedays has opened several parkways earlier than usual due to COVID-19. On top of that, they are open more often. This year, the Bike Sundays are renamed to Bike Weekends. This is a welcome addition to the already at times crowded shared pathways.

September 13, 2021 update

Colonel By will be closed to cars for a few months too during bikedays but not at the same time as QED and at different times of the day: the Queen Elizabeth driveway will be closed for cars daily in May and June, Colonel By from July to early September. However, some roads are closed 8-8 while the QED is closed for cars from 9-5 but not in May and June when they are also open from 8-8 for Active Transportation only.


So are we. Therefore we collected the various openings (closures?) in one handy table including location and distance. 

If you need a fridge magnet in the appropriate theme style, order them here on Etsy: blue bike fridge magnet (No commission for me).

Enjoy the 2021 Bike weekend and weekday season. Remember, there is more than just the parkways. Ottawa – Gatineau has an extensive network of safe cycling paths, called multi use pathways all over the region.


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