When are the NCC bikedays? Everything in 1 handy cycling planner

Here is the 2022 table I configured for you to see when and which the roads are closed for motorized traffic. This is only a reference based on what I found on the NCC website.

Sources: go to the much improved NCC website here: NCC Weekend Bikedays, presented by Nokia – National Capital Commission (ncc-ccn.gc.ca) for the latest on the Parkways.

If you need a fridge magnet with the appropriate theme, order them here on Etsy: blue bike fridge magnet (No commission for me). Enjoy the 2022 Bike weekend and weekday season. Remember, there is more than just the parkways. Ottawa – Gatineau has an extensive network of safe cycling paths, called multi use pathways, all over the region.

Here is a reminder of how our cycling network looks like:


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