When and where are the NCC bike days 2023 in Ottawa?

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ATTENTION: For the 2024 edition of this overview, go here.

Here is the 2023 overview of the road closures for motorised traffic to allow for cycling, roller blading, walking running and jogging. These roads are managed by the National Capital Commission, a federal organisation in the capital region.

NCC bike days 2023

Every year, there are slight changes in the NCC schedule for bike days on the several parkways in the Ottawa – Gatineau region. Colonel By Drive has been phased out, I suspect for the extra car traffic pressure, diverted to Main Street during the closure of Colonel By Drive.

I have also noticed slight changes in finishing times, so do use this updated 2023 version over the 2022 version.

The information comes from the NCC website, but is spread over three different pages so every year I volunteer to bring it together in one single table. I suspect there are different departments involved else the NCC would have created this handy table above a long time ago. However, this year, I noticed the NCC started to use a table for the Gatineau Parkways, which I copy below:

The original bike days go back to 1970 and this made Ottawa – Gatineau likely the first region to do so, even before the much touted cyclovias in Colombia.

More maps and routes

If you like to explore Ottawa – Gatineau outside the NCC bike days 2023, I have a special page for you with a number of loops that mostly consist of multi use pathways and a few residential streets to connect to the pathways: Ottawa Cycling Maps.

For a clearer image of all our connected pathways, I have created a subway style map for you.

A subway style bike network map as discussed on the CBC by Hans on the Bike

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NCC Weekend Bikedays, presented by Nokia – National Capital Commission (ncc-ccn.gc.ca)

Queen Elizabeth Driveway Active Use Program – National Capital Commission (ncc-ccn.gc.ca)

Gatineau Park Parkways Schedule – National Capital Commission (ncc-ccn.gc.ca)


  1. I am grateful for having all this info in one place. Being of a certain age it makes it so much easier. I love this Park, all year around. The NCC’s efforts never disappoint. Thanks again.

    • Thank you Inge, it is not much work for me and I appear to make a lot of people happy with it, based on the background stats. I just wished the NCC could do this themselves.

  2. When I check the NCC website, the SGEC is reserved for active transportation on Sat/Sun between 08:00 and 16:00. The Hans on the Bike chart lists times between 8 and noon.

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