Part of the Urban Forum poster for April 5, 2017

Urban Forum Ottawa – Pecha Kucha

April 5, 2017 Hansonthebike 0

Today, April 5, 2017, I am speaking at City Hall at the Urban Forum Ottawa (architects and planners) at a Pecha Kucha night. For their 20th anniversary, Urban Forum decided to team up with ‘Love Ottawa’,  a long running project by photographers Daye Brown and Anita Ruivo. The organisation invited a dozen speakers to talk about ‘why we love Ottawa’ (assuming [Read more…]

Riocan artist impression

Ottawa Input for Minimum Parking Standards

December 17, 2015 Hansonthebike 0

In a previous post, I wrote about the eventual redevelopment of the South Keys mall. This week, there was a first meeting on the redevelopment of another mall, Westgate, which is much older than South Keys. I once had to pick up medication at Westgate around midnight. It is quite a desolate place. A woman jumped out of a car, kicking [Read more…]

South Keys, Ottawa: the End of the Parking Lot?

May 7, 2015 Hansonthebike 3

  In my previous blog, I wrote about ‘Retrofitting Suburbia’, a 2009 book by Ellen Dunham – Jones and June Williamson. They describe how older suburban malls from around 50 years ago, when the car was still seen as the solution to many perceived problems, rather than the cause of many problems, can be successfully retrofitted into new town centres, [Read more…]