A Casual Stroll Through The Hague – Part 1: Daddy Bike

Apparently called a daddy bike.
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I am in Holland in Den Haag (The Hague) for work this week. Locked up in meetings and presentations for most of the day for 5 days in a row, I was eager to go for a walk to visit a friend.  Tuesday afternoon I had a change to leave a wee early and walked from the Crowne Plaza (which has been renovated from kind of Modernist to a large I phone retro Modernist, with shag carpets, pink under the bar atmospheric lights and lots of white, a work counter/bar and a couple of Apple computers for Internet access).

For those who are familiar with Den Haag: most of the pics where taken along the Laan van Meerdervoort. Keep in mind that I didn’t hunt for pics, I just bumped into the situations on a 5 km ( 3 mile) stretch. The weather is kind of nondescript, hence the somewhat gray images.

Apparently called a daddy bike.
Usually cut short like lawn, it looks like the city is purposely letting these wild flowers grow in this little park.
House boats in down town Den Haag.
Note the asymmetric design of this umbrella (it is actually a patented Dutch invention) which turns into the wind, so the wind can’t really ruin your umbrella.
This is a new concept, the electric taxi.
The Dutch row houses sometimes require you to take everything through the front door to the back yard, so some people build a tiny bike shed in their front yard.
Kids cycling home from school through the city at 6 pm.

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