A Casual Stroll Through The Hague – Part 3: Urban Chickens

Urban chickens rule!
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The locals are complaining about the failing summer already, they have had a lot of cloudy weather. The morning meetings were cancelled, so I walked down the Scheveningseweg to downtown The Hague and I passed this urban chickens. Very nice to see. It is right across the Peace Palace on the edge of a cemetery. Here is the link on Google. It is near the house in the centre with the red tiled roof.

Urban chickens rule!
Lots of wide side walks, despite the many parked bikes.
The Canadian Embassy in The Hague. There is a large modern addition at the back with a patio in between. I have had lunch there one day in the past (bread with chocolate sprinkles (No Tim Hortons, nor Beaver Tails).
Just another nice picture. You don’t see racing bikes being used very often for the awkward position in busy city traffic.
Ultra modern The Hague City Hall and the main library are in one building, but not really: there is some outside space in between, where you can find a guarded bike service. Note that the fences are not very high. Two people sit in the cabin at the other end.
I am not much of fan of figurative heros-in-bronze-type-art, but I am not sure what this is all about.

So far, the series of walks through Den Haag. A lovely city to walk, bike or entertain. Downtown is no less than about 5-6 km (4 miles) from the beach at Scheveningen (Sche-ve-ning-en)

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