Ottawa River Pathway detour near War Museum

A person rides an ebike on a temporary pathway. the pathway goes past scrubbery that is not green yet.
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You probably got the information via social media already, but if not, here is a quick overview of the 2024 detour of the Ottawa River Pathway (which also accomodates the Trans Canada Trail) just west of the war museum. The reason is work on Canada’s Energy Services Acquistion Program.

Coming from the west side, the detour starts 350 meters after the Chief William Commanda bridge. From there you turn right onto what used to be part of the Preston Street onramp towards the westbound Kichi Zibi Mikan.

A man on a racing bike turns a corner on a path. The Ottawa river is on the right while ahead is a pathway closure.
Westbound on the pathway (look closely and you can see the Peace Tower)

You’ll be going underneath the Mikan, bike a bit of LeBreton Flats and then turn left on a temporary pathway passing the pumping station (is it a pumping station?) at Nepean Bay.

A man on an upright bike wearing a red wind breaker rides on a freshly paved asphalt pathway.
Temporary pathway to get you to the Mikan past Nepean Creek

You’ll end up at the intersection where the Mikan becomes Wellington Street at the south west corner of the War Museum area. After crossing the street, you’ll be veering west and then towards the river again.

Bridge removed

If you stop and take a look, you can see the foot and bike bridge has been lifted onto land.

A construction site across from a path. The Ottawa river is on the right.
Looking west after crossing the Mikan, the War Museum is behind you

The detour is obviously for both directions. Signs suggest to bike single file, stay on the right and walk your bike at the two places where construction traffic crosses the detour.

A construction site across from a pathway. The Ottawa river is on the right. A large yellow crane is visible as is a portable toilet.
The pedestrian and bike bridge has been removed already


I highly doubt that anyone is going to walk their bikes for 4 meters. I was there this week and not even the most law abiding looking senior citizens in matching bike gear got off their e-bikes. Although I should add that at both ends the construction gates were closed.

A map showing the detour. Clearly visilbe in red. Part of the image shows the Ottawa river, the other part shows the detour route on land.
Don’t forget to push the pedestrian button when crossing the Mikan (Image Google)

There are three Ottawa River Pathway detours now (spring 2024). One between Westboro Beach and Island Park, one at Nepean Bay and until this fall, the one behind Parliament Hill. I am not going to adjust the GPX files for my Ottawa cycling maps, which you can find here.

District heating video

If you want to know what the district heating construction is all about, then take a look at this 3 minute video. It has not been on my radar screen much, but it looks like there are some cool new public spaces included, although the video warns that artist’s impressions may not be exactly executed.

More NCC pathway info here.

Happy cycling!


  1. I’ve done the detour a few times now, and other than having to wait seemingly forever at the light to cross the parkway, it is a pretty reasonable detour around the construction work.

  2. Once again you provide interesting new information. Thank you. I wonder when Google maps will update their satellite views? Street view gets yearly updates. The LRT tracks are still under construction in your screenshot making it at least 5 years old.

    • The Google aerial images are becoming pretty unreliable. I find myself often cross referencing with Open Street Maps nowadays. Areas in Barrhaven that look like pristine fields from above on Google are already fully built up on Streetview.

  3. Hans, Keep up the good work. I really look forward to your blog, maps and the attachments. I am not active on social media so your info is good to receive.
    Wayne Bennett

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