3 examples of poor bike infrastructure design

July 14, 2020 Hansonthebike 3

Reading Time: 5 minutes It is surprising with so much #ottbike infra expertise in Ottawa, that we still see mediocre proposals coming out. Fortunately, the public corrects a lot of the mistakes. But it shouldn’t be that way. Three examples.

Closed parks major blow for suburban kids

May 6, 2020 Hansonthebike 1

Reading Time: 4 minutes The longer it takes, the harder it becomes for people to stick to the rules, says social psychologist Tom Postmes, connected to the university in Groningen (big bike city btw), Netherlands in an on line article on Dutch news site NOS.nl. He continues by explaining that “on one hand the usually bold and libertarian Dutch have been following the rules surprisingly obediently, but on the other hand it isn’t surprising because it is a natural human reaction to a disaster“. He explains that every crisis has three phases: Phase 1: Fear rules and many people are willing to obey and [Read more…]

Google capture of the current intersection at Bronson and University.

A bad design for a bad intersection

April 22, 2020 Hansonthebike 3

Reading Time: 3 minutes New Hans Post: Bad design for a bad intersection. Carleton U is getting an extra left turning lane onto Bronson NB. The plan is to add green paint to bike wash the intersection. It is not a good idea.

How Bad Rules Affect Our Road to Vision Zero

April 14, 2020 Hansonthebike 0

Reading Time: 10 minutes Carling Ave at Burke St is a very dangerous crossing in the @NCC_CCN #ottbike and #ottwalk pathway system. Despite several advocacy attempts, someone likely has to die on this #ottcity road before things will change….