Ottawa Moves – part 1/3 – Gil Peñolosa: 8-80 cities

On November 2 and 3, the City of Ottawa organised a two day series of speakers and work shop on DOMO, the Downtown Ottawa Mobility Overlay. As DOMO is a bit of non-descriptive acronym, it is now called “Downtown Moves”. And moving it will. With the new Light Rail eventually in place, thousands of people will appear above ground at [Read more…]

The small outdoors: 10 patios on Laurier (and 2 bonus food trucks)

At first glance, Laurier Ave in Ottawa might come across as a concrete jungle-like street with uninspiring buildings. But in the end, it’s the people who ‘make’ a street: there are a number of coffee places and restaurants with outdoor terraces. I went out at lunch time and found 12 places with a terrace to watch the world go by [Read more…]


Experimental Farm

Only 5 (as in: five) km from Parliament Hill, you can cycle through the country side. It is not that Ottawa is that small, but it is called the Experimental Farm. Established a long time ago, the city has developed around the Farm, and now the Farm has heritage designation. Some excellent roads, very little in use by cars, allow [Read more…]

Rideua Street, Ottawa

Crossing King Edward into Rideau St.

The intersection of King Edward with Rideau is apparently one of the most dangerous in Ottawa. This is Rideau Street, facing west. The place for the cyclist is non existent. Further down the road, there is a bike sign above the left lane, telling cyclists to cycle there, rather than in the bus lane. It is all pretty scary. There [Read more…]